Imago is a modular sign system for designers that was created to be simple and highly flexible. The intent: provide a refined sign system that works in harmony with any interior design and is easy to specify.

Minimal components + Maximum flexibility.

Imago combines simple geometry and refined details providing a sign system that enhances high-end interior design—legal, healthcare, commercial, or hospitality. Imago is the designer’s sign system.

Imago provides finely detailed signage to fit into any environment and complement the interior space. Imago has incorporated details such as a relief edge to allow the signs to “float” on the wall, a polished edge face panel for a crisp edge detail, and flexibility of color and materials to ensure a match with interior finishes.

Imago is not your standard slat-style modular system. Imago is part of the design. Imago is classic. Imago is simple.

Download everything you need to know about Imago.