Image Manufacturing Group is a leading manufacturer that designs and builds products to elevate brands by enhancing environments and improving customers’ experiences.

In today’s environmental/experiential graphic design environment, we are uniquely prepared with the know-how to help designers and end users create great spaces that make incredible impressions using conventional and digital solutions.

Our team delivers the creativity, technical experience, and drive to assist in creating a great space for you. If your project requires custom design, engineering, or manufacturing, or you’d just like to learn more about Image Manufacturing Group, please visit imgarchitectural.com.


Carry Your Promise

Any environmental signage you create represents your commitment to the customer. Their perception is their reality, and their discernment of whether you are low quality or high quality is extracted from your space.


Communicate Quality

If you take shortcuts in your signage and adoption of technology to communicate effectively, your customer will draw the conclusion that the quality of your product or service is equally inferior. Shortcuts are detrimental to your customer’s brand perception.


Content Matters

Consider the message and consider the method. The tools are available today to make the experience and environment conducive to maximum effectiveness with your content.

Composition Is Key

Your design, logo, lighting, materials, and technology are all part of what make a great customer experience that impacts your brand. The sum of the parts makes all the difference.